Usine Technologies is a tech savvy company with the power of a software giant and the direction and flow of a dot-com. In addition, Usine Technologies is people friendly; not just technology oriented. Think of us as a powerful UNIX server with a user-friendly windows front end. We understand that most of our customers are neither familiar with technology, nor have the time and resources to devote to their technical needs. This is where we step in to lend a helping hand. Usine Technologies shields you from the technology aspect of your business so that you can concentrate on what matters; your business. We use state of the art infrastructure, time tested software methodologies, and the best practices to deliver your solutions. We offer you solutions in a box. This means that you do not get a hodgepodge of piecemeal solutions that result in an unsatisfactory experience. Our solutions are well designed, keeping in mind all of the clients requirements and constraints. Most of our clients are repeat customers, providing strong testimony to the fact that our solutions speak for themselves. Our various services include consulting, hardware solutions, software solutions, and e-commerce. Please browse through our offerings in this site. If you like what you see our marketing personnel will be glad to discuss your needs and provide you with more information.

                        Usine Technologies leaves no stone unturned in making your software dreams a reality. Our philosophy is simple; you take care of the business, we take care of the software. Our software solutions encompass the entire software spectrum: requirement analysis, design, implementation, documentation, and QA. We follow vigorous version control, coding guidelines, best practices; white and black box testing; bug tracking; and documentation practices. The end result: simple, maintainable, scalable code; that conforms to specifications optimized for fast code path, backed with sufficient documentation. Our core expertise includes:

• Java/J2ee Technologies

• .NET Technologies

• System Administration.

• Conversion of legacy systems.

• Offshore [India] maintenance and

• Support for projects.


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