Application Development Management Services

• Internet/E-Commerce

• N-tier client/Server

• Web enabling

Usine can help your enterprise experience less downtime, faster problem resolution and an overall reduction in costs.

Key Drivers for ADMS at Usine

• Focus on 'CORE' and 'STRATEGIC' Cost

• Productivity and Efficiency

• Follow the sun – 24x7

• Availability of skilled resources

• Makes business more flexible to change

• Leveraging vendor strengths - multi-skills / technology-breadth, and reach of best practices


J2EE/Java Services

Usine provides offshore Java development services from our development centers in India. Usine has a large team of Sun Certified Java Professionals that offer a broad range of J2EE/ Java programming services.

J2EE Application Server

• Apache Tomcat

• BEA Web Logic

• En hydra Application Server

• IBM Web Sphere

• JBoss Application Server

Web and User Interface


• Swing

• AWT (Abstract Windows Toolkit)

• SWT (Standard Windows Toolkit)

• Applets

• GUI Widgets

• Tag Libraries

Java Programming

• Java Servlets

• Server Side Components

• Java Beans

• Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

• Multi-threaded programming


• XML Integration with non-Java platforms

• Support for both Windows and Unix platforms

• JDBC connectivity

• Java Messaging Services (JMS)

• Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

• Core and Networking APIs

• Interface Definition Language (IDL) and CORBA Support

• Integration with Biz talk Server

• EDI Support

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